Can I add tracks to a playlist on my mobile device?

2018-01-23 10:29:15 UTC

Yes. Follow these steps below to create your own station. After you have logged into the application, you will be presented with the Koinonia Screen. From there, do the following. 

1. Tap on the top left Menu Button and then press Playlists. Here is a demonstration of our playlist screen.  We will show you today how to create a Pascha Playlist. We have 2 Playlists already from previous demos.
At the Playlist screen, tap the + button.


2. Enter a name for your Playlist. In this case, we choose Pascha.

3. Your Playlist (Pascha) has now been created! Tap the 3 dots for more options.

4. You will then get a menu of "add tracks, edit tracks, or edit name". In this example, tap on Add Tracks.

5. After clicking Add Tracks, I prompted to a search screen, I typed in Golgotha, because I wanted to add that to my playlist. Just by typed a few letters, I am already seeing results from different artists. At this point, I have 2 options.

- I can either tap, "add to playlist" as displayed by the arrow. (This will add all the results displayed)


- I can tap on the individual results.

6. Doing the All option brings up this dialog. Press Okay and you have your first playlist!

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